Odd Choices

In 2016 I directed a production of Morris Panych’s The Ends of the Earth. It’s a tale of two men who, acting on unfounded paranoia, flee from each other, only to meet each other again in a derelict hotel. A series of strange encounters and coincidences unfold during their adventures. The piece dabbles in absurdity,Continue reading “Odd Choices”

Take a Note

Celebrated Canadian playwright Michael Healey led a webinar through Citadel Theatre recently. Many things stood out to me but one thing I thought I’d share is his note on taking notes. In the writing process, we have to be able to take notes from others. You create a play in order for an audience toContinue reading “Take a Note”


You know the old saying. Assumptions can truly be very harmful. When we jump to scare tactics because we assume people are wrong or misguided and need to learn a lesson, we can cause serious damage. It’s important to have all the information before making any kind of judgment. I think of a director asContinue reading “Assumptions”

Offers vs. Actions

In my relatively short time working in the theatre industry and crafting stories in collaborative settings, I’ve come to notice a common bad habit. We assume that being open to criticism and willing to discuss issues with others is enough, but we don’t address the obstacles people face in seeking that help. If an individualContinue reading “Offers vs. Actions”

Out of Sight

In the process of being vulnerable (and creative), there will always be information and ideas that remain hidden. Directing a play, for example, requires one to be on high alert for that which is unseen. An actor may suddenly say a line in a way that completely unhinges the entire scene, and if you payContinue reading “Out of Sight”

Safe Space to Roam

“Theater showcases the recalibration of identity as indifference” Madhavi Menon, Indifference to Difference Menon writes about the queerness of theatre and how it acts as a site of necessary plurality. I don’t want to get too heady and overly complicated, but I do think this image of the theatre is remarkable. We know that ourContinue reading “Safe Space to Roam”