Willingness to Be Wrong

We are all bound to make mistakes. Sorry. But them’s the rules. The artist who says “Sure sure sure, I get it, but you’re not understanding me” is always going to fall way behind the artist who says “Ah, I see now! Thank you for pointing that out.” Humility is important. And, as Michael HealeyContinue reading “Willingness to Be Wrong”

Take a Note

Celebrated Canadian playwright Michael Healey led a webinar through Citadel Theatre recently. Many things stood out to me but one thing I thought I’d share is his note on taking notes. In the writing process, we have to be able to take notes from others. You create a play in order for an audience toContinue reading “Take a Note”

Overactive Imagination?

One beautiful thing about living as artists is the tendency to live within our imaginations. As a new experience begins to take shape, I find I think way down the road to its potential outcome. When I start a project it’s important for me to determine the makeup of its finish line. It gives meContinue reading “Overactive Imagination?”