From Where We Are

I’d like to be working in Paris or Berlin, surrounding myself with avant-garde artists, delving into deep discussions about theatre theory, building a career centred in the intersection of queerness and storytelling, engaging audiences in innovative ways and helping artists from around the world. But I am currently in New Brunswick, Canada. And I loveContinue reading “From Where We Are”

Confronting Discomfort

It’s much easier to avoid a difficult conversation than it is to have one. But too often we miss out on a discomfort that will ultimately heal us. Challenging confrontations of messy situations are an inevitable part of any collaborative process. Conflicts arise. Tensions mount. Clear communication, especially in the face of misunderstanding or disappointment,Continue reading “Confronting Discomfort”

Willingness to Be Wrong

I’ve worked with artists who are polite and do all the “right things” when it comes to communication and collaboration (smiling, nodding, repeating notes back to show they were listening) but who still put me on edge. It’s like there’s something lurking beneath the surface that’s going to bite any second. Every suggestion feels judged,Continue reading “Willingness to Be Wrong”

Offers vs. Actions

In my relatively short time working in the theatre industry and crafting stories in collaborative settings, I’ve come to notice a common bad habit. We assume that being open to criticism and willing to discuss issues with others is enough, but we don’t address the obstacles people face in seeking that help. If an individualContinue reading “Offers vs. Actions”

Hard Things Pt 2

I’m still thinking about hard things and the necessity of curiosity. When in positions of leadership, I try to avoid blaming or shaming and instead stick to assertive claiming.* Rather than “You did this wrong,” I aim for “Here’s how I feel.” The object is not to bring a person down and make them smallerContinue reading “Hard Things Pt 2”

Not Getting What You Want

“What do you do when that person isn’t giving you what you want?” Cool advice when there’s a standoff between people. Unfortunately that advice is tainted for me because when someone said it to me they said it with vitriol: “Luke, you disrespected this person’s boundaries. What do you do when they’re not going toContinue reading “Not Getting What You Want”

(No) Apologies

I once participated in an amazing workshop on giving good apologies. There’s barely anything more important for the strength of a relationship than a good apology. And I’m definitely not all that great at giving them. I can get behind the “rules”. Don’t add on a “but”, don’t over apologize, address how you will changeContinue reading “(No) Apologies”