The Art of Pleasing

Try to remind yourself that you’re not in the business of creating art to please other people. That can simply be a happy accidental outcome. For the most part you’re going to move through the world and reflect on it in ways that cut deep. I know that in theatre, for example, authenticity is key.Continue reading “The Art of Pleasing”

Fake It

For as long as I can remember I’ve turned my nose up at anything that involves losing authenticity. “Fake it till you make it,” to me, has meant “don’t be yourself.” I would hear that and defy it as much as possible, turning up the volume on my opinions and fighting the status quo. AndContinue reading “Fake It”

Fun is a Good Thing

We are unfortunately made to think that work has to be overly laborious and financially successful. Any job that seems fun is deemed frivolous. Theatre, for many, seems like a strange and unnecessary career path. Why wouldn’t you choose something that makes you more money? It’s almost unthinkable that someone might want a job becauseContinue reading “Fun is a Good Thing”

Compatibility vs. Worthiness

“There are other people who have problems with you.” “I didn’t even want to talk about this because I knew you’d just deny it and not hold yourself accountable.” Ooof. Words can hurt. These are statements that have been in my head and may not leave for a long time. I wish I could findContinue reading “Compatibility vs. Worthiness”