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decentre bridges gaps for innovative Atlantic Canadian artists feeling alone in their process. It’s hard enough working on projects that question the status quo. Why should we also feel disconnected from the resources we need?

Interact with other creators who are in the same boat, get inspired by the beautiful work happening on the East Coast, and take the next steps to get your own project out into the world.

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Slow, Slow Start

A lot of what I write here takes the form of permission slips: “Forgive yourself for…” “Allow yourself to be…” (I think it’s pretty clear that I’m often writing these “slips” for myself. Is that self-absorbed? Maybe. But I also believe that what’s true for me can be true for others. For me, making artContinue reading “Slow, Slow Start”

Own Lil World

I’ve been drawn to Dolly Parton interviews lately. I’m fascinated by what she has to say about her life and her long held interest in being an entertainer. She claims she’s always known she was going to be “something more.” We can be met with a lot of resistance when we’re honest about our ownContinue reading “Own Lil World”

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